Monday, August 26, 2013


Now here are some of the sequels I'm looking forward to continue thy journey.

Pretties & Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld
I'm not so sure about this as I'm not totally into this superficial stuff ugh -_-

I'm hoping it would be less annoying and much more action this time around.

more of salander's POVs as I do hope so XD

:Oh dear! I love the cover but I'm not really sure where the story is going since a lot of things happened in book 1 D:

more action!yes?! I can't believe this is the last book in the series >.<

very interesting indeed!

I love her dress!

it's gonna be quite wild (I think)

patience grasshopper...I need to make up for more time for these in order to move on!
have you read any of them? :D

leave some of your exp./encouragements below the comment section XD

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