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Grey's Anatomy thru the Seasons 1-11 + Spoilers | Tv Series Review

Source: Imbd
Duration: 41 min each episode
Genre: Drama, Romance, Medical
Creator: Shonda Rhimes
TV Network: ABC

A Medical-Based drama centered around Meredith Grey, an aspiring suregeon and daughter of one of the best surgeons, Dr. Ellis Grey. Throughout the series, Meredith goes through professional and personal challenges along with fellow surgeons at Seattle Grace Hospital.

Series cast summary:
Ellen Pompeo ... Dr. Meredith Grey (244 episodes, 2005-2015)
Justin Chambers ... Dr. Alex Karev (244 episodes, 2005-2015)
Chandra Wilson ... Dr. Miranda Bailey (244 episodes, 2005-2015)
James Pickens Jr. ... Dr. Richard Webber (244 episodes, 2005-2015)
Patrick Dempsey ... Dr. Derek Shepherd (244 episodes, 2005-2015)
Sandra Oh ... Dr. Cristina Yang (221 episodes, 2005-2015)
Sara Ramirez ... Dr. Callie Torres (216 episodes, 2006-2015)
Kevin McKidd ... Dr. Owen Hunt (164 episodes, 2008-2015)
Jessica Capshaw ... Dr. Arizona Robbins (154 episodes, 2009-2015)
Eric Dane ... Dr. Mark Sloan (138 episodes, 2006-2012)
Jesse Williams ... Dr. Jackson Avery (137 episodes, 2009-2015)
Sarah Drew ... Dr. April Kepner (129 episodes, 2009-2015)
Katherine Heigl ... Dr. Izzie Stevens (121 episodes, 2005-2012)
Chyler Leigh ... Dr. Lexie Grey (113 episodes, 2007-2012)
T.R. Knight ... Dr. George O'Malley (102 episodes, 2005-2009)

My Thoughts:

At first I really have no intention of watching this show my first impression when it all started way back in the day was this show has a lot of sex in it haha! Years passed by and I dunno how it started for but there was a time of my life where I know I needed to heal and move on with my life and good thing this show is on Netflix so I gave it a go! I'm not instantaneously hooked but now since I'm old enough to understand what's going on the medical world I feel myself gravitating towards every single episode then I just can't stop! 
here's the original cast
This show helped me heal in so many levels! I can somewhat relate what they're all going through there's Meredith (Mere) Grey who is dark and twisty.Fell in love with Mcdreamy! although Alex can be such an A-hole he's really sweet and thoughtful at times,you can feel the trace of hurt/pain in his character whereas Izzy so cheerful and bright as to Sweet ol George O'Mally! Yang definitely reminds me of my rivals and friends at school way back so as Burke who always seems serious. Richard Weber I still can't imagine the rollercoaster lovelife he had and how it all tangled up to present day but he seems happy now good fella. Bailey's well being Bailey very sassy!

Some episodes can be really shocking especially the death part of some of the characters

Spoiler Alert!

Something I'm really disappointed about about is when Izzy just left like srsly?! afterall she's been through battling a rare cancer tumor,being with Alex Karev she's just like gone! According to some news they say Heigl(Izzie) difficult to work with I dunno if that's true or not rumor as for George they say because he came out gay or something which I find really absurd like srsly people just because of that? I mean common!it's the 21st century he's a good guy! my heart goes to O'Mally bless his soul! and that moment when Mcdreamy died OMG! WHYYYYYY?! and then it feels like Mere's like her mom all over again..

Every season of course we're introduce to another additional cast/guest. Meeting Mcsteamy Sloan, Derek's Ex wife Allison,Cardio Goddesses Han & Teddy, Step sister lil grey Lexie to the "now" current crew Hunt,Jackson Avery,Kepner,Torres,Robbins...This show covered so many life events whether it comes to family,marriage,accidents,disasters,traumas,bombing terroristic threat,psycho shoot out,death and all other crazy stuff! Oh men tough life being a Doctor even though it's just on screen oh wow!  Overall 5 out of 5 stars I definitely highly recommend this show especially if you're going through something right now. 

Grey's Anatomy Season 12 is slated to Premiere on Thursday, September 24, 2015 at 8 pm, ABC

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