Monday, July 27, 2015

Tony Moly Delight Tony Tint (#1 Cherry Pink) VS. Nature Republic Real Gel Tint (#1 Red) | Makeup Review

I bought these products via koreadepart they have a lot of variety of different cosmetics/beauty products from all sorts of Korean brands and some clothing items as well at very reasonable prices. Although I mostly order korean cosmetics  from them because I don't really order clothes online due to size differences anyway, out of all the online retailers out there I think they're the most affordable one when it comes to cosmetics/beauty products and trustworthy so far the only problem I encountered with my order is when it's out of stock in which they quickly resolved,refunded what I paid for safely minus shipping fee for that certain product.

They often have sale events so if you're particularly into a certain brand their event calendar section would be very helpful,handy and good to know. As for shipping of course it depends where you are they have a fixed and tariff  cost zone also depending how much your final order weighs that would definitely greatly affect how much you pay in the end.

Now for the much awaited Lip tint review let's talk about the packaging first shall we?
as you can see from the picture below Nature Republic's very simple, cute due to its tiny size and seems more travel friendly than the Tony Moly one would you believe they're both 9ml quite shocking right? Tony Moly's slightly bigger and definitely a lot longer, also cute due to its heart decoration also the most top part of the wand is heart shaped. 

They're both very affordable by the way Nature Republic I got it for $3.38 (original price $3.98) while Tony Moly for $2.03 (original price $2.90). So for me it totally depends which brand you're totally into ,which of these cute packaging appeal to you more and which of these fit your budget. 

 Heart shape top part of Tony Moly Delight Tony Tint (#1 Cherry Pink)
Wand Difference:

Tony Moly Delight Tony Tint (#1 Cherry Pink) long wand and has that slightly  upward pointy tip

 Nature Republic Real Gel Tint (#1 Red)
short wand and has a more rounder tip
They both have soft texture,easy to apply and glides on smoothly.

          1. Nature Republic 2. Tony Moly

They both kinda look the same from the picture above Tony Moly just a tiny bit watery than Nature Republic and when you smudge it now you can see both the color difference down below Nature Republic truly got that reddish tone while Tony Moly got that Pinkish tone you can actually use both of these as blushes as well if you like.

Natural lip color, Dry Lips

Both available in 3 colors:
Tony Moly Delight Tony tint is  (#1 Cherry Pink, #2 Red, #3 Orange Chacha)
 Nature Republic Real Gel Tint (#1 Red, #2 Pink, Orange)

They're both very vibrant, feel  the same and look really similar not that far away from each other that's why I decided to compare them eventhough I should haven't chosen cherry pink and should do red vs red in both product line well I haven't really seen nor read anything that compare both these products this way how they're so much alike so yeah. They both have hydrating formula but they don't last very long so you have to reapply frequently over time it would leave a wonderful natural looking lip stain, 

There you have it! I hope you find this product/lip tint review helpful.I love these products so much! it's actually my first time to try them and so excited to share it with you guys. I'd rate it 5 out of 5 stars! lovely product!

Tell me in the comment section below what you think have you tried any of these two before? if you haven't I hope you give it a shot!

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