Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 05 - A picture of your favorite memory.

Without a doubt its COLLEGE LIFE for's really not like the college I used to think like "C'mon guys let's go to our resthouse at laguna" or like "Let's Party or travel somewhere na lang outside the country"'s conyo (what's conyo? I think it's a mix of english and in this case filipino language plus your swag) anyway back to the story and so college? it's more like starting my highschool life all over again. In my alma mater I know,met and found my true friends...First year college is definitely the highlight of it all most people would say its the graduation or parties etc. but it really starts here. Those first awkward moments hahaha! I'm lucky enough to have Josh who's my fourth year highschool classmate we all became extremely close and comfortable with each other and planned to unite our entire section SUCCESS! then...heck a group project or assignment would immediately turn straight off to an outing or overnight whatever oh the good old days. We all know we're gonna miss that that's why we made the most out of it.We laugh,cry,got drunk and wasted anything you could possibly think of we've been thru all that together.

In that picture right there we just accomplished our NSTP community outreach program, we had loads of fun, my first time to clean up a creek (some part of it) because over time that creek was turned into a rubbish bin which is still the problem of my dear beloved homeland,that's also where I got my massive headache and the year I got diagnosed with astigmatism oh the raging heatwaves of the sun ~_~ we all just love that summer lovin fun while it lasted XD

The Good news is the fraternity "gang group" organized a creek community clean up after us and they say it's now spotless I'm glad to see the citizens of that community took action. I think they rented a tractor for that MASSIVE CLEANUP DRIVE INDEED! :D

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