Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Getting Started...

After some time and hard thinking I've finally decided to make my first ever public (sorta) blog pwahaha! :))

I'm new yet old in this type of field well you know those "DEAR DIARY" days things/words better left unspoken and written secretly then locked away  somewhere not a single soul except you who knows where that secret hiding spot was. So true haha! but most of the time I got a little bit of variation going on..Depends on my mood it could either be stashed away or burned then forgotten oh such odd times and memories.

Now for a debut starter page I dunno exactly what I want to blog about basically..I write in this case type anything I like or love hence in times like these anything goes :)  flights of ideas came in rushing inside my head all I have to do is get hold of those concept then boom! there's my piece right there.I'll try to update this account as much as possible hopefully during my freetime. I'm looking forward for more things to blab I mean blog about ^_^v


  1. 'grats on your first entry!
    I am tagging you on the 30 day photo challenge~
    Check my site.

  2. Thanks Ate Genn OMG! photo challenge XD