Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 07 - A picture of your most treasured item.

Oh I got all sorts of treasures (abubot) hahaha! by far I think this is the oldest one that survived all those massive giveaways I got this from my Aunt Joyce when I was six years old I hardly remember to be honest but for sure I was a little kid back then.This toy is awesome! I looked at the bottom label ugh china!-_- but it's all good still works it's some sorta like an action figure for girls way back or so hahaha! kidding aside I'll explain vividly the mechanism of action of this incredible toy when you press the center brown part of the castle the one that looks like a smiley face it will automatically open up the entire castle hence you'll see Daisy, you can also detach Daisy to the foot of the castle and play with as a solo character,you can flap her arms and that's basically it, simple yet adorable, I'm greatly entertained by it when I was a youngster up to now hahaha!  forever a kid at heart. Thanks for all the good memories. FYI I still got my abubots with me (some of it) and I plan on keeping them,there's room for more but I can't hoard stuff for the time being ugh ~_~

What's your treasured item?


  1. kim akala ko yung ilalagay mo yung dogie mo.., or yung dogie ba yung laging kasama sa pic.. do u still remember that quest of yours?? kasama pati kuya mo hehehe!!!

  2. hahaha! oo..to be honest medyo nahirapan talaga ako di ko alam kung anong ilalagay ko dito sa challenge na to and so naisip ko na lang yung pinakamatagal ko na abubot :))