Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 06 - A picture of something on your mind.

Yes more tumblr extracted post haha! *Disclaimer : This photo is once again ain't mine and was solely used for reblogs* click the photo and it would lead you straight to the source just follow if you like ^_^

Back to the main topic...that thought simply just remains inside my head (hopefully for the longest time) so that I won't forget..I mean seriously?who wouldn't want to travel the world? I just want to visit japan..but my list keeps pilling up Korea was added because my cousin's there, since I'm on this side of the hemisphere I want to visit the 50 states of the US of A with my family after my dad retires (I hope), Ireland is also on the list (but bits says to screw it and just go back home to duplex hahaha!)but I might though just to have fun,be lucky crazy irish like hahaha! , France for eiffel our meeting place ;) you know who you are, Germany for the cookies and bread?hahaha! more crazy thoughts and lame ideas, Italy and Rome since it's on the south side and probably Vienna,Austria..who knows the lists goes on forever Oh yeah! a friend of mine Ishay told me to visit singapore as well OMG! all my friends have been there told me how awesome it was >.<

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