Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Author Interview: Patti Roberts plus Giveaways ^_^

Welcome! and Good day Everyone!It's a pleasure and truly an honor to present to you our lovely guest for today she wrote a wonderful book titled Paradox: The Angels are here, the first book of her novel series.

Let's all Welcome the one and only Patti Roberts! (a round of applause). Orjan Nilsen - The Mule (Original Mix) music played on the background.The crowd went wild as Patti entered the studio with a dazzling smile waves her hands up in the air. Kim and Patti hugged, peck each others cheeks.The music died down as they sat comfortably on the leather black sofa situated at the center part of the studio.

Kim: Wow! What a great crowd! ^_^ Welcome Patti I'm glad you made it could you please tell us more about yourself.

Patti:I have only been writing since 2009 and wish that I had started years ago.

Kim: Right on! due to everchanging and evolving technology she also got and we're all fortunate enough to view her very magnificent book trailer let's all stand by and watch..

Kim: I got goosebumps all over lol :)) truly a marvelous book trailer Would you continue on writing this type of genre? or do you have any plans venturing on other categories?

Patti: I definitely love the paranormal realm and intend to keep writing in this genre.

Kim:Great! so how many series are they?any plans for extension? or book side stories for these series?

Patti:The Paradox series will be at least 3 books long. Perhaps longer.

Kim: Fantastic! what's the greatest challenge in writing this novel series.
Patti: Has only been time.

Kim: If you're going to be an angel who/what would you be and why?
Patti: If I were an angle I would want to be the kind that has the ability to guide people through the tough times in their lives. The times when they feel that all has been lost.

Kim: Nice..Among all the characters which one would you say you can totally relate most or the most you?
Patti: Hmmm, I would have to say Grace.

Kim: Oh I see..Now that your book is already published we'd like to know when your family and friends found out about all this what are their reactions?

Patti: They were very supportive and surprised. But then I am too – I never knew I had it in me either. Some of the reviews have been remarkable. I still have to pinch myself and remind myself that they are talking about a book that I wrote.

Kim: One of my favorite characters is Hope would we see more of her? Is she really a real angel or just plain imaginary as grace thought she would be? coz Abe saw her too and there's this superstition that small kids mainly infant-toddler years saw things an adult couldn't O_O

Patti: Hope, as in life, is never too far away – she is an Angel – a Royal Guardian Angle. And only 3 remain. And that is true; children often tell stories of seeing Angels and such. They say that the older you get the more negative and unbelieving you become to things that can’t be explained. Children don’t need proof or facts. Children are happy to believe, have faith.

Kim: Any major influences in writing?any books or authors comes to mind?
Patti: I really admire Anne Rice. More recently though I have just finished reading book 1 in the Game Of Thrones by George R. R. Martin. I love his worlds and the way he describes them.

Kim:As I've read on your book which addresses a lot of issues I would like to know How did you managed to push through all that? I mean how did you muster the courage in order to kept moving forward especially during those tough times (heartaches) and what's your advice to people who are currently dealing with their dilemmas/issues? 

Patti: I found writing those chapters the most rewarding. I like writing about raw emotion. The darker side of life’s situations. And the struggle to free yourself from its grip. But I realized I couldn’t make the book all about doom and gloom. Hence the lighter moments between Grace and Angela. Some readers have told me that parts of the story made them cry. Now that pleased me no end. Knowing that I had been able to reach inside readers like that with just words was a huge accomplishment to me. When I have read books and the words have made me cry, I used to think to myself, now that is a talented writer. I never thought in a million years that I would ever be able to write like that. Some parts of the book made me cry writing it, so I’m glad that if had that effect on readers.

Kim: Advice for writers and others?

Patti:Never say never. Never give up. Never stop reading. Never stop dreaming… Because dreams can come true.

Kim: Indeed! Promote,encourage and do tell our beloved readers and fans where they can buy your book and where they could Reach/contact you ^_^

Patti: Here are my Links:

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you can buy my books here:

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Kim: Thank you so much Patti for your time!and Congratulations to your Novel Series! ^_^There you have it folks go grab a copy in the nearest store near youYou might also be interested/like to check out my review of her book click here but wait! there's more! Yes! since you patiently stay tuned to this very special interview Patti is nice and generous to give out One Paperback Copy of her book (open to U.S only) and three ebooks (open internationally). so what are you all waiting for? start clickin and filling up the widget form! don't forget to CLICK READ MORE ^_~

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