Saturday, August 6, 2011

Things that I do when I'm not reading/blogging

Hmmm...Let's see..

Scuba Diving and Snorkling  lol
And there's loads more to do like...


Go to church

Go on a Roadtrip

Have fun with friends
Go to the beach with beach shoes: check

Surf and write things on the sand

Swim,Fish and take lots of pictures

Have a picnic

Cool off,Eat Ice Cream and Fly a kite ^_^

Sleep (of course!)

Clean the house (yeah..chores)
Play any game! XD

Talk on the phone,or stay tuned to any social networks to catch up with Family and friends

yup that's some of it..hahaha! yes SOME so what do you guys do when you're not reading/blogging? ^_~


  1. Hmm...when I not reading/blogging/working/ full time mom :)LOL..Better question would be what do I like to do for fun? I lOVE to travel and try new things, snokerling, sky diving, zip lining...FUN!! I love your blog monster...Where did you get him? Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you entered the giveaway!!

  2. cool! Thank you so much for following back & dropping by ^_^ I got him under my bed lol jk I'll msg. it to ya ^_~

  3. aw great pics. Thanks for following

  4. Hi there, just wanted to thank you for visiting and following my blog. I'm returning the favor, and I love this post! : )

  5. Thanks you guys for dropping by ^_^

    @Natframpton-no problem
    @Molli-you're welcome & thanks

  6. Hi Kim
    Great post. Some of the things I do is jog and go to the local pool, and mall. Suburbia is very restrictive. But you make do.

  7. That's really awesome Cassandra! well I can't really go out much here at the wilds to much bugs & mosquitoes :/ anyway I'm happy you stopped by :D

  8. Thanks for following my blog. I'm following yours now. Love the pics!

  9. You're Welcome Talia..thanks & take care ^_^

  10. Kim,
    The gigantically fun things you do look like so much fun! Oops! Did I repeat "fun?" Yes. Fun!
    What I do is downright dead beside your rainbow of joyful activities. I spend most of my time right now learning about social media and how it works.
    When I conquer that task, I can focus on doing the fun things on my list.
    Keep enhancing this world with your contagious joy!
    Esther Jno-Charles
    The Talking Palm