Monday, August 1, 2011

Nature Appreciation: Ocean

Ride the waves,taken at The Pier, Florida

The Calm,taken at the Mall Of Asia, Phillipines

Even though these two photos are taken at a very different time and place take note at the opposite site of the hemisphere..some say sunsets are different everyday but here you can see quite a resemblance :O we're all connected near or far whereever we may be we all live in the same world in this lovely planet called Earth ^_^

How's your summer?well it's almost over...but where I'm at it's always sunny everyday tropical weather FTW! I hope you all have a fantastic summer lovin adventure ^_^


  1. Oh, that is absolutely breathtaking! It makes me miss the coast SO much!

    Following you now too :)

  2. Thanks for the follow I'm happy that you dropped by...come back to the coast ^_^

  3. I miss the coast, we now live in land locked Minnesota I miss the impromptu trips the the beach from Sunnyvalle, CA Thanks for stopping by to say hi to me. Lisa

  4. Thanks for dropping by Lisa I hope you can visit the beach coast some time soon..Take care ^_^