Monday, August 29, 2011


Last night was really fun I watched the VMA a couple of minutes online since I can't go watch it in the telly  my mom and dad was watching some interview but anyway and so there I was thrilled yet kinda bummed out since the online version was like crap lots of behind the scenes and the audience cam was truly such a downer,people looked so bored and not even paying attention but nevertheless it's 'ayt I just kept on waiting...and waiting...and waiting...more waiting..oh yeah waiting! ugh until finally I got my shot at the telly hooray! with twitter and telly goes hand and hand it's the ultimate VMA experience ever! lol :)) the telly version was so much better...I got it all by myself chatting with my buddies,laughtrip,rants and so on it's really great.

The Downside,well for all the hunger games fanatics the waiting time is really like torture but it's worth the wait but I think they deserve more trailer time I mean yes I know it's just a teaser trailer but who wouldn't like to see more right? :D

and so just in case you missed it/like to rape the play button to watch it endlessly over and over here it is! enjoy! ^_^

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isn't that just so awesome?! well of course the VMAs got lots to offer more shocking revelations like Beyonce's baby bump, Tribute to Amy Winehouse, Awkward ex-celeb. relationship presentations,Lady Gaga's alter ego lots of acting,liquor and such which I don't really like some just really killed the glamour of it all but I love all those fantastic performance from various artists,it's kinda sad yet I'm happy that Jessie J made it  hooray! I'm glad her foot's healing wonderfully..I just love her she got this very powerful killer vocals mann that's really amazing she did it like a dude,so professional,she really knows how to dazzle things up :D

you could read more of the article here

what else?hmm..oh yeah that same night my twitter account's been hacked/compromised I'm really shocked maybe it happened when I opened some messages then boom! next thing I know I've been sending this funny vid. containing the exact same virus so what I did was I went to SETTINGS>ACCOUNT>CHANGE MY TIMEZONE>CHANGE PASSWORD>SAVE CHANGES yeah I included the change of timezone coz I saw it's from somewhere in quito or something like that of a place and I was like oh so that's where this madness lurks and rummaging about I was quite on a badtrip hassle mood but once it's over I'm all smiles again enjoying my re-runs,VMA replay oh yeah!

My Friend Eiramicaela shared this link with me during the event it was really disturbing as always, the concept's bit over done as usual but I like the lyrics,

and so we also discussed about lady gaga's get up,alter ego presentation,HIM worship and so on..yeah quite controversial and all those talks happened in one night lol :))

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