Monday, June 15, 2015

Exploring the World of Color : Make up

I don't really know much about make up I don't really wear a lot of make up in the first place that's why sometimes I like to explore it. And right now I'm discovering a lot of new things like my new love for rosey eyeshadows, peach blush, product hydration,creamy rich satin formulas,what's good and bad,what's hot or not?

Let me share to you where I usually go shop and buy beauty products/ cosmetics whenever I need to attend some special occasions and when I do I tend to cram a lot or at least research ahead of time what to wear and all that. These days it's quite easy to research with reviews going on about the interwebs and of course youtube (beauty gurus,reviews etc.)
My usual go to places are CVS,Walgreens and sometimes grocery stores like Walmart and if there's a sale in Target ok go also I just recently discovered Ulta which is like the cosmetics/beauty haven just like Sephora but more affordable these stores now have a reward point membership program (not sure about Sephora though because I rarely go there ) I'm glad that most stores nowadays offer those programs and that they are quite nearby. Anywho, I usually buy drugstore goods since some drugstore brands can be relatively cheap of course there are hit and miss with their products but the color pay off and lasting power sometimes can be just as amazing as the expensive/ "high end" ones.

What I usually buy for when it's time to replenish my stocks are:

1. Foundation
2. Eyeshadow/eye pencil
3. Mascara
4. Blush
5. Eyeliner (optional, coz I tend to mess up the cat eye/wing looks or just buy a liner I could smudge to transform a look)
6. Powder
7. Concealer (eyes and blemishes)

Shortlist (not much budget) limit it to
lipstick (or if you can find a cheek and lip product in one all the better)

quite optional:
eyeliner/eye pencil

Note: Or you could just go to the Dollar store and buy one of these especially if you're only gonna use it one time ^_~

What I look for in make up are first off the price! (is it worth it or not?)
usual questions in my head are:

color pay off
quality vs. quantity
lasting power
will it match my skin tone
and the dreadful question what is really my skin tone? should I pick light?light medium?natural?beige? ugh so many questions!

so I'm really glad when the shades category are light/medium,natural beige or just plain natural.

and of course the ultimate what's my skin condition? will these products dry me out or would this cause me to break out or what?
the question poll are endless haha usually cosmetics lined up in the shelves like Walmart and Ulta the drugstore brand doesn't always have a sample available so you either research before hand, stare at the product so long and hopefully the swatch on the label or whatever would match yours or a kind sales lady approach you so yeah...

Some of my new obsessions these days are and I highly consider them as much as possible are cruelty free products, no talc,mica,parabens,mineral oil kinda thing also organic products and usually I can find them in Korean Cosmetics which is kinda expensive if you live in North America or in other parts of the world who don't sell them  (shipping wise) unless you found some supplier somewhere else it could be online or in your local asian stores.

Also The Brand Physicians Formula carry some no talc products like their powder and such in the States which is good so yeah. That's it for now I'll try to breakdown this topic a bit more it's far too long I think haha next up would be Make up expiration dates, some haul, morning and evening routine also review things and where I buy asian cosmetics.As you can see I haven't even talked about different kinds of brands yet so please stay tuned for that haha

What do you think? do you have any favorite make up brand/product(s)? what are you go tos and must have?please share some of your thoughts down below the comment section.


  1. Hello Kim,

    Let's see I actually find there being so many types of makeup very amusing. So many brands! I don't really wear a lot of makeup. Still I do if I want to look extra pretty. Some of the main things I do is simply focus on lip balm or lip gloss as a must, mascara, and eyeshadow. My favorite lip gloss is one by Maybelline in a peach color. With mascara any will do. While with eyeshadow, I prefer a powder one that comes in metallics, light browns, oranges, whites, and creams. Stands out with my tanned skin. Other than that, I also love peach blush! Funny, we both love it too. I think it makes one look younger than pink blush.

    1. with so many choices out there it's much harder to decide haha! I'll try to expound a little bit more on my next topic. I like lip balm and currently loving lip tints (dual purpose cheek blush) as for eyeshadows I like to apply them wet so they won't flake on me just in case and I really do love creamy textures better on my skin.I think peach blush suites everyone and a good balance between rosey pink and orange a nice blend especially if you can't decide which one to choose ^_^