Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Game of Thrones Season 5: Mother's Mercy (Finale) The Feels + Spoilers | Tv series Review

My thoughts:

It took me awhile to gather all my feels for this season...Overall I think they did a great job covering a lot of material from the books and venturing beyond. There are a lot of variations and unexpected things this season they never fail to surprise and shock me even after all these years.

I guess I'm a little bit angry and disappointed in the finale although I like how it jumps from one characters point of view to another it's just that I expected a little bit more like in Cersei's walk of shame down the streets I thought the people would be more rowdy. They did a good job though with the crowd control. At first I was like who was that guy in the golden armor that carried Cersei once inside the castle then I remember that Frankenstein experiment OMG! simply diabolical!

There are so many extra people this season which makes me smile and wonder are they really real or the works of CGI? they say say it's more of the first though anyway moving on...I like how Varys came back and now joining Tyrion oh yeah this is going to be amazing!great tandem those two!

I simply don't know how they all pulled it off I never thought they'd kill Jon this season it just slipped my mind.I flipped and yelled NOOOOO!! all the way til the end I hope he comes back and haunt them down! which is very unlikely according to the latest interviews with Kit Harrington..hmm.

I really really really expected something more from the sand snakes mann! that's just simply such a let down although as they all usually say poison is a woman's weapon. I knew it the way she bid her farewell I bet Bronn will have a pretty good idea about this and hopefully would tell Jaimie.

for more in depth spoilers kindly check out Laura Prudom article I mean there are a lot of post out there so enjoy googling I just thought I'd share this one with you.

I gave this season 4.5 stars I really don't want Jon Snow to die so sad! and I really do hope George RR Martin's plan is way better for the Winds of Winter.

Please let me know your thoughts down below the comment section it would be nice to have a little support group haha let's cope all together!

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