Sunday, June 14, 2015

Summer & Music festivals!

Summer's just around the corner and it will officially start in June 21,2015 and would end Wednesday, September 23,2015 (Obviously haha!). Anyway, way back in the day summer for me begins when school is out or like when I go for a vacation somewhere something like that...these days what reminds me of summer though are concerts! lots of music festivals it's awesome! also cicadas (so noisy!)

This year I'm going to attend Sam  Smith,Incubus and Deftones,Van Halen,Kelly Clarkson with Pentatonix and Ed Sheeran WOOHOO! other than that I'm still thinking about Zedd and Taylor Swift because I'm thinking whether I'd just see him in Ultra whenever since the ticket is hella expensive anyway also hella far as for TSwift well hopefully I get to see her this year if not mayhaps in her next tour or like if I could win one of those radio raffle draw and sing and stuff on the radio really embarassing but whatever haha!

One of many things that made me go in these concerts is that :

1. I can finally go (even solo :)))
2. I may never get another chance like this
3. Be young, wild and free! haha!

So yeah been hangin around with a lot of old people lately so I think this is a good change of pace. 



Hopefully I could squeeze some more reading time as well and catch up with a lot of shows I got so many on my list its crazy! but yeah these concerts are the big major one for me right now since I've waited for Incubus for a very long time so yey! plus you get their EP TRUST FALL (Side A) physical copy along with the ticket HOORAH! such a good deal indeed! xD

What about you? What are your summer plans? please tell me in the comment section below ^_^


  1. Hi! Kim

    For me your right Summer has already started with summer vacation. I can't wait! And, wow, do your plans sound very exciting! So many concerts . You should definitely go be young and wild. I mean this is be best age to do so when your a young adult.

    With me it is going to be pretty hectic for this Summer. I hope to do some major aniblogging and actually I am going to be very busy with keeping up with a new project began on the blog which involves anime podcasting. Not exactly looking pretty but I am still pretty excited.

    1. Hello! thank you so much for dropping by!

      So excited to fangirl haha! I forgot to mention hopefully I could squeeze some more reading time and catch up with some shows haha! I think this is the best time to do anything so yey!

      your plans sounds super interesting and awesome! please don't forget to share the link of your podcast and stuff I'm looking forward to it. ^_^

    2. Seems like it. Sure I can do that. I'll try to stop by if see anything that catches my interest. See you for now, Kim.