Monday, June 22, 2015

Hannibal Season 2 + some spoilers | Tv Series Review

My thoughts:

I advise to truly watch this show in moderation it's so insane!

WTH! OMG THIS SHOW! UGH! so frustrating! kept me on the loop and on the edge of my seat like are they gonna get him now? how about now? like how? who will die next? will he die next? will Will die next? how about Jack? that season 2 beginning though...


OMG! Will NOOOOOO!!!!!! I can't believe Dr Lecter did that to him.

the way Dr Lecter flawlessly manipulated everything was brilliant and scary! this show gives me the creeps

Freddie Lounds death seems truly forced like her character development was nowhere in site and she's not in as much episode unlike in season 1 so I guess that's why they decided to kill her character off but no that's a really good cover though they almost got me there and I'm glad they did it before hannibal did haha I thought her face changed?was it the lighting?make up or what? I think her hair sometimes..extra fluffy anyway,

Dr. Bloom's  relationship with Dr, Lecter also seems forced like seriously Alana seriously? just like what Will said " you said I'm not good for you but he's good enough for you?"(something like that) OMG! ridiculous! I thought it was all part of a brilliant plan they constructed just to get Hannibal admit to his crimes ugh so frustrating! but no Alana seems in love but their chemistry was a bit off putting for me unlike with Will.  I hope something works out for season 3

AND THAT DRUTTED ENDING! OMG! SERIOUSLY?! Alana dialed her phone called for help first after a couple of minutes almost dying later Will was there dialed his phone called for help then try to cover up some of Alana's body to keep  her warm as she lay there by the front door. Most of them bleeding to death a couple more minute later still no cops! no ambulance whatsoever and it's raining and it's just OMG SO MANY FEELS! 

Overall 5 out of 5 stars due to its madness! plus I don't want Dr. Hannibal Lecter come out and get me haha! just kidding ^_~

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