Monday, June 29, 2015

Nyx Love in Rio: SEGREDOS DE GISELLE (LIR06) eyeshadow palette | Makeup Review

My thoughts:

I bought this one at Ultra for $5.99 last September 2014. So that's almost like $1.99 a piece.Very affordable product and what I like about this company is that they are cruelty free so that's good.

Most of the people I know of don't really use this small applicator brush that comes along with the kit but I think its actually good I thought it would be made out of those cheap looking like removable plastic stuff but this one got really good material like a very sturdy foam great for smudging and wet application

it may not look much when I swipe it with my fingers mayhaps due to lighting and how I swiped it haha it actually has good pigmentation although they don't last very long.

This set is quite shimmery but not too overpowering just the right amount to give your eyes an added pop of color so on the left side is a pinky tone good for brow bone highlight the middle color got a more beige like champagne color and the last one is a bronze shimmer. The glitter for added shimmer is not really that lumpy or like in big chunks it's just the right amount of small specks of shimmer which is very nice whether you apply it wet or dry.

I prefer to apply this eyeshadows wet because sometimes it tends to flake on me and you can see visible creasing over time in my lids but with wet application it's alright and I think it last quite long with wet application I dunno maybe that's just me.

I personally love these shades which kinda reminds of the Kevyn Aucoin palette #1 which my mom gave me as a gift but of course Nyx has a lot more shimmer and not as fine and silky as Kevyn's.

Kevyn Aucoin palette #1
I'm really glad I bought this Nyx Love in Rio eyeshadow palette not only did it fit my budget it also has 1 gram of product in it. Sometimes I use this to play around like how to contour my face which actually looks fine the shimmer doesn't bother me that much as it give me a good glow.

I also like how it looks very natural looking whenever I apply it .It can pass as a no makeup makeup look actually haha and you can never go wrong with these three shades you can mix and match them or simply wear just one color it's very nice and flattering. Because of those reasons I gave this Nyx Love in Rio [SEGREDOS DE GISELLE (LIR06)] 4.5 stars out of 5. Good deal and Great kit especially for beginners or those of you like me who only like to apply eyeshadow once in a while and practice or whatever.

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