Friday, June 12, 2015

Game of thrones Season 5 Ep 9 + SPOILERS | TV Talk

I don't think I really talked about this over here but I love this series so much! I thought it was boring at first but then again I gave it another shot and it just grew into me and before I knew it I'm obsess and reading the books and following this series it's so crazy and mindblowing!

If you haven't watched the show or never read the books but don't mind the spoilers then go ahead and read some ramblings in this post ^_^v

Anyway ok here's some of my thoughts about this episode also I'd tell you some of my predictions for the finale alright?

So Episode 9 that ending was actually the ending of book five a dance with dragons, The whole fighting scene I was screaming and calling for the dragon to come and he did came OMG! it was so heartwarming and awesome so epic!

 To be honest I never thought they'd kill off Shireen that way my heart bled for her after that, I'm quite disappointed with the Sand Snakes I thought they would be really kick ass like but then their moves you can tell are pretty much routine practice I hope they get more action and their moves improve in time make it more natural and free flowing. As for Arya I really hope she gets her revenge pwahaha! also become a fully pledge faceless woman.

moving on with my Episode 10 Finale? hmm...they think they'd end it with Cersei walking in the street naked which is part of book five I believe? it's been a long time since I read and finished the book so yeah...what else? Sansa will get her revenge and kill off the Boltons mayhaps this season? oh yeah that would be great! The war to the north goes on Stannis marching on, Jon setting up the defense and line up as for Arya hopefully she would scratch one name off her list. That's some pretty bold predictions for me hopefully some of it come true and then we wait....for book six and next season.

I might post my entire review for season 5 afterwards so I won't forget what's up with the tv series so watch out for that if ever that came into light haha! how about you? what do you think? leave your thoughts in the comment section below and thanks for reading! :)

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