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Beckoning Light by Alyssa Rose Ivy (Author Interview + Giveaways)

It's nice to see all of you ^_^ it's a real treat to present to you our Author guest for today she wrote Beckoning Light let's all be enlighten and give a warm of applause to Alyssa Rose Ivy ^_~

Kim: Tell me more about yourself and your book any random fact?

Alyssa: My background is in law and library science, but I decided to take a detour to spend time on my creative writing while staying home to take care of my daughter.

Kim: What inspired you and how did you come up with this idea?

Alyssa:It all started with a dream. Although the scene that inspired it all never made it into the actual book, it gave me the idea for the hidden world and one of the narrators (Charlotte).

Kim: Is there going to be a part two?

Alyssa:Beckoning Light is the first of a planned Trilogy. Book two, Perilous Light should be out this spring.

Kim: How long did it took you to write and finish this book?any added research?

Alyssa:The first draft only took a few weeks because I just couldn’t stop writing. The editing and revisions took a lot longer. All in all from the first day of writing to the release was about seven months. I did spend some time looking at the architecture in Charleston and Savannah. The cover image is of an actual gate in Savannah.

Kim:Do you have any out of this world experience you’d like to share?

Alyssa:I’ve had a number of experiences that I might classify as out of this world. I felt like I was on another planet when I walked on a glacier in Alaska. A late night in New Orleans also has an out of this world feel.

Kim:What’s next for Alyssa ?do you have any plans venturing on other book genre/categories?

Alyssa:After I finish Perilous Light, I plan to write a paranormal romance set in New Orleans that doesn’t center around vampires. After that I may try my hand at something dystopian. I have a feeling I’ll be sticking to books with some sort of fantastical element for a while.

Kim:What’s the most challenging part in writing this?

Alyssa:I think that it can be very difficult to write fantasy, particularly when it’s set in another world. Realistic fiction has its own challenges, but I find that it takes a lot of work to effectively paint a picture of a fantastic world.

Kim:How do you develop your characters?

Alyssa:First I try to picture the type of characters I want in the story and start with a very simple sketch of who they are. After that I love to allow the characters to develop on their own. Some of my characters are also loosely influenced by people I know.

Kim:Major influences in writing (any favorite books and authors in mind?or special someone)

Alyssa:My two biggest influences are Tolkien and Jane Austen. I have always loved the genres of fantasy and romance and hope to effectively combine the two in my writing.

Kim:Do you have any writing quirks/routine?

Alyssa:My writing routine consists of trying to fit it in around taking care of my 2 ½ year old. I’ve learned to use any spare moment I have. I also love writing to music, I don’t think Beckoning Light would be the book it is without it.

Kim:Any advice to aspiring writers?

Alyssa:Some of the best writing advice I ever received was to embrace constructive criticism. It may not be easy at first but it makes all the difference. I also think that the hardest part of writing is sitting down to do it. If you have an idea, go with it.

Kim:Message to your fans (Encourage,Promote,tell them where they could buy your book/s,reach you,list of social networks)

Alyssa:I always love to hear from readers, please visit me at:





You can buy Beckoning Light at:

Amazon: Kindle and paperback:

Barnes and Noble: Nook Book

Kim: Thank you so much for stopping by Alyssa! your presence brightened up everything ^_~
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