Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Downfall

Such frustration I felt
if I havent seen or talk to you
was it a special type or kind of magic you cast
or was it simply voodoo?

I'd like you to give me an antidote
a wonder drug
so when it's all over I could just snap back!

this may sound and look cheesy
seems all so true
I tried to stay away from you
but I just can't!can't run away

barely get far enough from you
so I stayed
I can't forget when I'm completely drawn and mesmerized
or was it all planned?to lure me in?kept me hypnotized?

I know there's something wrong with you
or was it just me?
I kept on dreaming whirpool of thoughts
you and I...can and cannot be

I can't change you
I don't want to change you
I like you as it is
I don't mean to argue

but you don't believe me like you used to
there's lots of  stuff I'd like you to know
but I'm not sure...
until when this could go

often unpredictable
most of the time speechless
some things I just can't express
no words could sum up or even dare escape

all those things we've shared
and all this we've been through
much so or so
am I just being overly dramatic?

though something's quite lacking
I can't lay a finger on it 
I don't know if I should call it love?
since it's always been this one sided

if I ever do tell a tale you'll always be quite extraordinary
like something epic or a ride
such a rush I can't live by
after all this I learned a lot

and with that I'd say thank you very much
people often do things which seems so crazy
but at least I told you how much you mean to me
my side of the story.

100% Original,No Copyright Infringement please ^_^

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