Thursday, September 29, 2011


We always say hi
but didn't bother to say goodbye
I often asked myself the question why?
out of all people why me?
then you'll just leave me there like some sort of a dummy

you made my day,unnoticed
but that's just what it is
a temporary euphoria,immediate relief
then it will be washed away
by the tide and breeze

As days turns to weeks
then to months, to a year
it happened all so fast
I was stunned left confused
didn't stand a chance to choose

you made me smile
then took it away
how do you do that?
you shrugged
didn't even bother to say 

I'd have to end this
today I muttered
I gathered all my guts and courage
but when you're there
I stuttered 

swept away
here we go again
in the penrose stairs or
like a merry go round
in endless cycle

seems like yesterday
we looked upon each others eyes
caught up in the moment
right there..I said farewell
you realized

When I said it
we all know it will never be the same
you'll always hope it will be
but deep inside
I just feel so empty

awkward and odd as it may seem
I locked it all away
as I rebuild
my words will always just be
a matter of a formal greeting.

100% Original,No Copyright Infringement please ^_^

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