Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Falling out doesn't necessarily mean goodbye
it's much more so just like telling a lie
though it doesn't make much sense now
for sure you'll understand why
in years to come you'll be surprise
and get by...

I'm not really good at this nor with words
but at least I tried
reached out couple of times
but we're so caught up
tangled with all this facade
and neverending charade

for sure this is not the end
or at least so I hope
you should try free falling
chase then let go
I've said what I've said
and promised to keep my oath

you got my word
I don't go back
but I'm not always here forever
to hold you and mend you back
it will take more than a shallow petty excuse
to make you believe

I'm hoping this note will reach you
far more than I could ever imagine
you always shall and ever will be
the one I thought you'll ever be
now it's time to take action I'm cutting this damn rope!
that got me trapped,tolled and sanctioned

with this I sensed a new beginning
up ahead and years to come
no matter how painstaking
we'll change for the best
but in my eyes we'll remain the same
A kid who knows no less

I'll come for you like I said once before
it's only a matter of series of questions
need I say more? quite frankly I'm a bit nosy
that sent me to different set points in reality
but I don't force people to say what they really want to say to me
I'll try to remain contained as promised

This is a work of fiction or so..but with no intention
might be a note to oneself,a reminder,a suggestion
it's one of those things and feelings
an urge to write in this case type
it's a cocktail of words and emotions I can't even fanthom
in case you got hit then for sure you'll ask yourself a question..

and the answers you seek lies within yourself
it's all a matter of acceptance and perception
I don't know how to quite end this
for this post is rather long
so perhaps,
to be continued....


100% Original,No Copyright Infringement please ^_^

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  1. HooRayGun! Glad to see you're on board the HUGE Ship to the Stars, err, I mean, Heaven's Ship where I may caress your adorable feets for eternity... and I'll be thy everlasting servant (which means, you can boss me around, I'll look upon you with love HeeHee). Can't wait, girl. This is a reality. They say people with pipe-dreams R irresponible for their 'man withe white beard in the sky'. Sad. What'll happen when they upNcroak someday? But, yet, I know YOU have a seed of faith, I water through our blogs... God bless you.