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EXCLUSIVE! Author Interview with Derrolyn Anderson the latest scoop about her novel series + giveaways you don't want to miss!

Hello Everyone! I'm so happy and excited to present to you our beloved Author guest for today she's the creator of the "Marina's Tales" series Between the land and Sea (Marina's Tale #1) and The Moon and the Tide (Marina's Tale #2),she also specializes in young adult fiction, a visual artist and is currently hard at work readying the third installment for its imminent release.

Let's all welcome the very beautiful & stunning..Derrolyn Anderson !

*a round of applause*

Kim: Welcome! please do take a sit and feel at home ^_^Tell us more about yourself & your novel series.

Derrolyn :The Marina’s Tales series are the first stories I’ve written. I’ve always been a reader, but having kids, and checking out what my three daughters were reading, introduced me to some really great books. I loved them all, from Harry Potter to Twilight, and their YA reads inspired me to try my hand at writing. Once I got started, it became something of an obsession, and it’s turned out to be one of the most challenging and rewarding things I’ve ever done.

Kim: How long have you been working on each novel?

Derrolyn :The first two books in the series came pouring out super-fast in the summer of 2010. I got a bit sidetracked for a while with all the little details of indie publishing, like getting my covers done and uploading my books to Amazon, etc. I mean, I’ve just scratched the surface, and I know more than I ever wanted to know about formatting e-books! The only promoting I’m doing so far is requesting reviews on book blogs I like, and that too can take up a lot of spare time, so book #3 took a little longer to finish than I wanted.

Kim: How many series are there in Marina’s tale? When will book 3 be out? Could you tell us a bit of spoilers? XD

Derrolyn :I’m just finishing the third book in the series, The Fate Of The Muse, and plan to release it by 9/17! There will definitely be a fourth installment- I’m nowhere near done with these characters yet! In book three Marina has to deal with her unwanted powers and more sneaky evil-doers! In the end, she finds out the shocking truth about what the bad guys are really after...
Kim: OMG! Today?! *screams like a total fangirl* XD What/who inspired you to write all these wonderful enchanting stories?

Derrolyn:Other YA books, my teenage daughters, and lots of daydreaming. I spent the first ten years of my marriage living in the little neighborhood I wrote about in Aptos, and I’m definitely nostalgic for those days. Now I live in another beautiful part of California, but I still I miss those foggy morning walks on the beach. There really is a cement ship there!
Kim: What’s the most challenging part in writing these story series?
Derrolyn :Finding the time to do it!
Kim: Will you continue writing this type of genre or you have any plans venturing other categories?

Derrolyn :I love YA books, and it’s been fun writing paranormal/fantasy/romance. I have a few new ideas I’d like to start on once I’m done with this series... we’ll see where they take me!
Kim:Favorite fairytale and character/s?why?

Derrolyn: I’m amused by all the old-school creepy and dark fairy tales. Although my books have fairly happy endings (so far!), the original “Little Mermaid” ended pretty tragically. I remember getting hold of an antique book of Grimm’s fairy tales as a child... Boy were those fairy tales grim! I remember one in particular that left a big impression. A girl refused to get an old beggar woman a drink from a well and was cursed to have toads and vipers fall from her mouth every time she spoke. Pretty harsh, huh? Those stories were clearly written to keep children in line- not to entertain them!

Kim:In your novels are your characters based from people in real life?

Derrolyn : I worked as an airport hotel bartender while I studied art in college. Artists and drinkers can be real characters... Need I say more?

Kim: Do you have any writing routine?

Derrolyn :After the workday is done I like to hide out in my room with my laptop. I’ll put music on and lounge around on my bed waiting for the muse to arrive.

Kim: I also saw a very nice transition regarding your covers especially book two :O

Kim: What do you guys think? I think it's absolutely very beautiful,captivating & fresh! like I said before she looks almost real :O sorry and please excuse me while I wipe my saliva lol so Any Advice to aspiring writers? 

Derrolyn : If you want to write, just do it! Work hard, and don’t let anyone discourage you. ^_^

Kim: Message to your fans (Tell them where they can buy your book,where to reach you,list of social networks)

Derrolyn :I don’t think I’m being anti-social, but I may be the last person on earth who is not on Facebook! I have a hard enough time updating my website every few months, but if you check it, you’ll find a little bit about the books, along with links to some sites mentioned in them at:

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The first book in the Marina’s Tales series is available at :

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Kim: Thank you so much for dropping by I'm greatly humbled with your presence *bows down* ^_^
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  3. I went to the website and learned that as much as Derrolyn loves the wine country, she is nostalgic for the decade she spent living by the sea, and I can't blame her! I would love to live by the sea, too :)
    jwitt33 at live dot com

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