Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Love Tuzki!

A Tribute to my love and how I completely adore Tuzki !my never ending fondness to bunny wabbits XD

I've discovered it way back and such nostalgia was trigger by normal events in real life after browsing thru a couple of blogs and emoticons so I'd like to share it to everyone! for those how haven't seen/ heard about Tuzki visit this website http://www.clubtuzki.com/en/ it's loaded with all sorts of cool informations,games,downlable stuffs lots and lots of freebies oh yeah! watch these cool videos as well

Awesome! XD

 Very Cute and funny :))

I think there's a Tuzki within each and everyone of us what's your fav. Tuzki/emoticon?copy and paste some links so I could also see ^_^ let's share and spread some tuzki love XD

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