Monday, July 8, 2013

Florida ventures!

Last year, we went on to this flea market at St. Petersburg,Tampa, FL (I'm glad I wrote a title about it way back as I forgot where haha) so we could see for ourselves what it's like over there.The place was so freakin HUGE! sorry I only managed to salvaged these three shots haha! It was a sunny day felt like eighty degrees fahrenheit.

it's near the boat docks it looks so fancy out there!

We ate lots of food one of which is this Magic Pop it's made out of rice stuff I don't know but it doesn't have any flavor nor taste perhaps a pinch of salt? haha it's so bland I have no idea.It's so weird too this is perhaps one of the most intriguing,noisy thing ever made there as it pops in this waffle like maker hence Magic Pop XD

Aunt Finy bought me a Desert Rose plant it's so beautiful! it also comes along with a mini note card full of instructions how to take care of it and how big it could get,it's very much self supporting it could go  on for days,weeks or months even with little-no water that's so freakin amazing!The trunk is almost like the ones on a bug's life and my mom's always trimming,planning to make it into a bonsai haha!

What else hmm...I remember eating some pickles,on the very last minute bargain of hotdogs two for a dollar (PROTIP: if you got some down time watch out for last minute bargains a.k.a closing time) then I made a run for it for a pint of freshly squeezed orange juice at a very affordable price.Their juicer looks very interesting indeed like factory like clockwork transparent round about mechanism haha such description I know I'll try to document better next time haha!

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