Monday, July 29, 2013


(Original draft date: 05.28.12 3:15 PM)

In which I'll tell you about that time I got so obsess with tea. As I was roaming around I dunno which one to buy and what I also didn't know is that there would be so many different kinds available so I bought them all to try after reading all these wonderful labels and I've always wanted to drink earl grey or green tea but I prefer the Jasmine or any type berry tea turned out I love everything about it! 

Yes! TJMAXX I can't believe it myself :O
these teas got amazing benefits and it's so good!

I knew there would come a time I'd appreciate tea just like strawberry dunno why for some reason I didn't like them before haha perhaps I'm getting old as it's often associated with that haha but I like such change as it's geared towards the healthy side.What about you? are there certain things you didn't like before that you like/love now? tell me in the comments below ^_^

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