Friday, July 19, 2013


My gap year is almost over NOOOoooooo YEessss ugh D:

To be honest I really don't know what to do during my nameday haha!

Plan A: was the mix...
Plan B: Since I used my cupcake mix for my dad's nameday for thy marvelous marble cake and cool whip plus that red frosting that just didn't hold much due to the cool whip mania.Still on the go for my mom's hot & spicy (she went for regular) spaghetti and pic. with her.She made some local filipino delicacies such as egg pie,pichi-pichi,kutchinta.My dad grilled ribs and I bought snickers ice cream cake which is just like a massive snicker ice cream bar!the played an old chinese game with a beloved guest that ate most of our time besides eating in between breaks haha! all went well.It was fun!

 anyway,here's a video from Emilie of New Gloom I like her concept which made me think of some of my accomplishments in life if there's any haha!.Early 20's is awesome! I'll always looking forward every single day enjoying each moment...make it count!

Thanks Google!

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