Saturday, July 27, 2013

Stardust (Movie Review)

Duration: 127 minutes
Release Date: August 10, 2007
Genre: Adventure,Family,Fantasy
About Stardust:
A town called Wall and beyond the wall lies a magical land.Tristan Thorn journeys beyond the wall to retrieve a fallen star that will change his life forever! (more)
Directed by
Matthew Vaughn
Writing credits (Screenplay)
Jane Goldman
Matthew Vaughn
Novel by:Neil Gaiman

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My Review and Rating:

OMG! I love this movie so much and I'm so glad I watched it after I finished the book.So many wonderful moments that made me laugh,cry,tears of joy T_T I appreciated it more because I've read the book mayhaps.

One of my favorite characters in this film is Captain Shakespeare,Robert De Niro did a phenomenal job he made me laugh so hard!

and  he's so nice,very nurturing in a fatherly way.

I also love Ian McKellen's voice over as the narrator.The Guard at the wall was so kick ass even though he's  old I thought he would be out smarted the second time around  he did such a great job that scene was so cool! The wicked witches sisters they're quite scary but they definitely got me going with the story as well as the stormborn brothers their legacy and quest they're brilliant!Yvaine and Tristan they're so perfect actually their character grew in to me over time along with the story.Although there's quite a bit of variations from the book I think it's still so awesome! especially about the babylon candle wh:OA! and the ending :D

Overall I gave it all the stars in the world! heck the entire universe! XD


  1. You've made me want to watch this movie again, I haven't seen it in so long! But I have never read the book which I should because I love Neil Gaiman's writing. Loved reading your thoughts on this film!

    1. thanks! try to checkout the audiobook read by Neil Gaiman.I listened to it again after watching the movie it's awesome!