Friday, June 14, 2013

Mail Time (2013.3)

I love free samples! I mean who doesn't right?! haha! I also love this brand CLEAR.I first tried this brand first time it came out way back in the day it's quite strong and it takes a while to get used to but it was refreshing!so when I saw they're giving away some free samples on the interwebs I took the chance and luckily I got one yey! This would be my first time to try this shea collection and I think it's the most perfect time to do so since summer is approaching it's gonna be hot and all.

Such irony of clear-blurry.I'm Sorry my camera didn't do any justice haha!

I like their packaging,plain,simple,easy on the eyes and not that difficult to read.The sample size is plenty nice and handy.I can fit and take it anywhere in land on the go.It's really cute!

The back got lots of details and this is also the first time I encountered this miniature peel here to check out the ingredients.Great! very informative.
I'll give these two a go since I also want to know how it differs from other brands out there.Have you tried this brand/product before?what are you currently using right now? feel free to share your thoughts below :D

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