Saturday, June 1, 2013

Armchair BEA (Day 5):Child to Young Adult

I'll tell you some of the books that's part and shaped my childhood.Well growing up I love reading and watching fairy tales.Disney is at all time high! I've re-read these books so many times.

This one is (not by disney) published by Tormont Publications Inc. it's full of wonderful one of a kind illustrations and graphic designs by Zapp as seen over here.

Normal boy-Wizard-Adventures,Coming of age story-one of the best finales!
This is like some sorta tradition between my aunt and I.Every year she'll give me a book whenever she comes home from abroad.But for book 3 & 4 that cycle sorta stopped so my Godma (MissGennD) one of the best person in the universe allowed me to read her copies.Then it resumed though I got some different editions along the way.It was EPIC! I'm really glad I got into Harry Potter I think the movies helped me a lot to get into them.One of my all time favorite series!

The Twits was lent to me by one of my bffs we laughed so hard oh so many good times XD The other ones I borrowed on my school library.Matilda, I can watch this movie over and over I watched it so many times that whenever I visit my Grandmas place in the province my cousin definitely knows what movie I'd love to watch it was definitely one of the most requested along side with Jack.For The Witches and Charlie I have no idea it was based on the book when the movie was released way back then but as read the story OMG! the book it was really AWESOME!

Normal guy-meets extraordinary girl-one of a kind adventure into parallel universe-got sucked into the world. (one of my all time favorite book!)

My Cousin/Uncle lent me a copy from his officemate I forgot why but perhaps something about telling  him the story afterwards and if I like it etc I'm not really sure but I don't know why for some reason I agreed and just simply say OK haha!no compensation,just me reading an epic story & I think it was summer so yeah this is one of the fastest book I've ever read in my life! from that moment on I love Neil Gaiman though I have no idea who he is that time or whatever.The story and adventures of Richard and Door never left me til this very day.And the BBC radio broadcast was absolutely amazing!

Then I eventually met him and thanked him for his awesomeness! XD
Oh yeah! BEST DAY EVER! more of that over here and most of their links could be found over here.

Kinda like Sherlock, Genius extraordinary guy-meets girl-murder cases-adventures-lots of mystery games and secret religious organizations.

This was one of the most controversial books ever! even way back in the day it was published.Almost everyone was fussing about it! most of them that I know don't even know what it's about and I'm so happy I got a chance to enlighten them.It's funny how this book was passed around the family.Oh such hype! and his latest novel Inferno sent a lot of tail blaze over at the far east asia or perhaps all over the world?

Along with my teenage years well I guess I read a lot of manga.The only page I managed to put together for now is stuff about Shoujo Manga.But like I said on my previous post I read all sorts of books so for manga there's Shonen(mostly boy lead characters,as their main target are boys),I like the category gender bender too (girl pretends to be a boy or vice versa) and lots more!

Now, here are some of the books I wish I read when I was a kid.The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S Lewis. it's so magical,lots of adventures and most of my favorite author said this is one of the books that inspired them.

Children-adventures-coming of age-fun times that never seems to end XD

I wanna get into this because of the movie.I'm not sure if they're in the works for part II.
but the girl-shape shifting pets-talking animals-adventures-W:OW

Very heart warming tale it never fails to move me in so many levels T_T

I can't believe he wrote so many books so I'm still working on this pile haha!

What about you?what's your favorite(s)?
Feel free to recommend me anything or whatever share away!^_^


  1. Can you believe that I only started reading Roald Dahl 3 weeks ago. Yes, I said THREE WEEKS AGO. I know! I have that very box set. And cannot stop reading it! Where has he been all my life?? Love him. Love his books :0)

    1. AWESOME! Happy reading,enjoy and thanks for dropping by! XD

  2. I really love Roald Dahl his books are great! I never read Narnia though. In a way I am curious but have not picked them up yet. And YAY for HARRY!

    1. Oh yeah me too haha yey-yeah! thanks for stopping by:D

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    1. Niceeee I'm glad to see another neverwhere lover thanks for dropping by XD