Monday, June 17, 2013

Sikyo Base

There was once a tree
in front of my house
green and leafy
never weary

a tree,a tree
an avocado tree
I saw and ate some of its fruits
which is rather tasty and good!

As kids we play
all around it
we climbed,made camp
new branch, new saved spot

lots of things come to pass
like trends,houses built
change of weather conditions:monsoon to typhoon
sometimes even flood

I like it when it's time to change leaves and new buds spring to life.
But now such tree is long gone.
All I do is tell various tales of it
here and there.

it's carved,tattooed names all over just like the cactus I once saw more over.
Beautiful,gloriously wonderful and bountiful.
As I shared with you such stories may it continue to live on and reside in our hearts and even commit into memory mayhaps.

Note of inspiration: I like to climb trees growing up and play Sikyo base(I don't know how it's supposed to be spelled so I just spelled it like how I pronounced it haha) it's a very popular street game among children and even adults in the Philippines.There would be two opposing teams base camp on the opposite direction,two team captains that would choose its member from the line up one after another,That decision who comes to pick first maybe decided on a flip coin of heads or tails or which ever they prefer.It doesn't matter how many players the more the merrier haha! it's like a massive game of tag,you run like crazy,capture your enemy put it in your base camp as they form a bee line to be saved by their team mates.The fastest and first one to evade and touch the opposing team's savepoint camp/team's bee lined hands  wins!

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