Monday, June 3, 2013

Armchair BEA 2013: Wrap up

I learned a lot of amazing things from this experience and found more book bloggers all over the world which is really cool and interesting! Even though this is my first time partaking in this event I never felt left out everyone's so friendly,inviting and left great comments that made me realize a lot of things about myself,blog post,that every opinion is welcome,noted and heard. I have no negative experience so far from this it's all rainbows,unicorns butterflies and sunshine haha just kidding.No.Seriously everybody's so nice and sociable! XD

The Intros are really good and I actually learned more about myself as well while answering the questions by stating some facts and interacting with folks or just being completely random(as you can see here) Along with that is Genre topics like the Classics, in which I need to read more about.

There are lots of topics being discussed that truly opened my mind every single day like Literary Fiction (Day 3) gahd I have no clear idea about that til I searched the interwebs (many thanks to google and amazon) for the list.I tried to harness some inspiration from others but saw that most of them who either read a lot,or little (like me) or hosting a giveaway.So what I did was to share away all these great freebies and books I found as I searched and shared my TBR I gradually accumulated over time over here. Which is nice as I like to share ^_^

Favorite Days:

Day 2: Blogger Development and Genre: Fiction (more here)
I learned a lot of cool stuff from different bloggers like this fantastic app. Evernote  (many thanks to Tanya from

I think this is the most wonderful way to organize and get things done!

What I liked about the blog development topic is that I think it's the most awesome way to learn by means of sharing life/blog experience(s).The most common denominator I noticed is that most of us are shy,don't know what we are doing at first time/til know but still continue on typing,sharing away and do things we love.Enjoying the whole uncertain process or specific one as we tend to learn from each other and grow.There are also lots of Tips and tricks about almost every thing.New bonds,connections,friendships made whatever you'd like to call it.Inspiration galore everywhere!

I  like the catch up days as well and I'll surely continue on with the list for there's so many of them esp. the ones on Day 2 & 1 coz so many things to learn and get to know everyone.I learned some more emoticons from Marius over at MariusReads \m/ (that apparently works on certain sites/circumstances) haha!
Day 4 about ethics & non-fiction again made me aware on a lot of things.I miss a post about ethics but I truly learned a lot from everyone who contributed on the topic such as like giving proper credits and paying attention to guidelines etc.Many thanks to Tanya over at for such enlightenment! I discovered some neat challenges like the Nerdy Non-Fiction Challenge. I find challenges as a great motivate yourself more.

I'd like to talk about on the what we miss portion as I didn't put a note/post on that coz I can't really think of anything that's a miss.But perhaps for the upcoming ABEA how about to discuss/ share where to buy/where you buy your books like (library,online: share websites,bookstores) etc. or share reading habits,Opinions on different book formats, how about some manga and graphic novels?(I love this category!) and I read a great post about it from fiction state of mind she said almost basically what I wanted to put/ add on my what we miss post. I learned about comixology (site & app) and I truly need to keep in mind about free comic book day! Also guys what about some sub-genre like Steampunk? another great post over here by Alyssa from The Eater of Books.

 Also due to this experience it's a good wake up call if you ask me I finally managed & did some actual changes on my blog site like I decluttered the sidebars (sort of) sorry I don't have any before & after photo but I assure you before the left side bars are full of gifs that's sometimes could be way too over board though I find very inspiring but also buttons from everywhere waahh D: While on the right I finally did a block of social media button vs. the individual massive ones which looks rather good and neat. that I learned here.  

I still can't believe it's :Over! WOW! I had a lot of fun and thank you so much everyone!take care,God bless and have a lovely day! ^_^

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  1. Awesome! It was such a great week, wasn't it? I love that I've met so many new and friendly bloggers and readers.