Saturday, June 15, 2013


I got a vague image of you
don't want it to hinder
my point of view

I admit,there are times wherein
I thought I know what or who you are
as I saw some of myself in you

the turn of events caught me by surprise.
I never thought I'd like you
but I did, only as a friend

although I got this eerie feeling
that you want something more
which is rather awkward that I choose to ignore.

but that doesn't make it go away
I fought bravely and fearlessly head on
set and point out some ground rules.

One day,you introduced me to your friends
let me in the circle,the party,
what at stake got higher and bigger!
a complete game changer.

people talk...interesting,foolish things
lots of jokes and  stories shared here and there
overflowing drinks, sang off tuned songs
immense and deafening noise
so much confusion!

after the event I thought and said:
I'm sorry,but I do believe you got the wrong person
as I'm not the one you are looking for
this has gotten far,way off and too long

I managed to broke free from the cycle
as I chose to go the most sensible path
in retrospect you all must have thought what kind of person I am.

I shouldn't have lingered around..didn't mean to overstay.
And so I said the very last day
thanks for the memories,we all hugged,bid adios,sayonara,paalam
all of which is meant to say...Goodbye!

Note:My inspiration for this piece are some of my travel ventures & different sorts of people I met along the way.Many thanks!

Original draft date: 08.15.12 2:17pm

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