Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

OMG! I'm so tired we went to a store outlet and there's massive crowd :O
we just go there for fun we don't really have any plan or anything it's just really nice to experience such fantastic event plus there's really not much sale items going on just different sorts of gimmicks to attract costumers I mean perhaps to some people that's already cheap but I've been to that place and I've seen a much better price. The place is really jampack it's tough to find a parking space,there's lots of people walking into the streets that are parked elsewhere,longer lines than ever all in all I regret nothing I'm happy,were happy,everybody's happy it's an awesome day!there are really some awesome early bird specials,great deals,good finds but the lines are just so....ugh perhaps next time lol :))

so what did you do last friday?any great finds?tell me more ^_^


  1. I am glad to hear that you survived. It was brutal out there.

  2. Indeed..well barely but yes! we survived pwahaha! :))