Monday, November 14, 2011


They said and statistically speaking a lot of people seems to die during monday according to some reports most likely it's due to stress..I dunno maybe it's just that there's lots going on every monday,since it's the start of the week,files/assignments needed to be done/pass/submit/due that was left behind before the weekend,high risk for some freak accident since everybody seems like on the rush and edge of their sits so yeah what is it really about monday?

besides those stuff I stated I think for me(before) Monday is such a hassle because you have to  wake up really early so you won't get stuck in traffic or during the rush hour,waking up early is quite hard actually especially if you've done a bit of loosening up during the weekends,there's just so much stuff like deadlines,starting up anew just like every single day but it's ok it's a good headstart of the week than Tuesday coz if you start off your week in a tuesday like for example a certain holiday is up for monday then the next day you went to school/work your dates/files would kinda be screwed up because you'll be writing dates thinking it's monday ha! yeah it happens (another random blab) pwahaha! :))

so how's your day? ^_^