Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ecotools Brush Set,Make up stash!

I've always wanted to make this entry and now here it is (shoutout to my cousins and God mother thanks for the updates and encouragements) *waves* ^_^  so yeah this is my first brush set it's not much but I love it the bristles are so soft, it's really handy and just basic stuff that I need and I think every girl needs I'm not much of a girly girl I let others dress/doll me up sometimes for laughs and gist of it all I like it it's really fun :)) to be honest I only had two brushes before one for blush and the other for the eyeshadow and I'd rather use my hands to mix/blend everything though they say it consumes more product but anyway it's all good I bought my first set of makeup & brushes for an acquaintance party at school coz I don't want to go there as pale as a corpse nyaha! ;) and a couple more stuff for my graduation way back in which I spent quite some research,considered some friend recommendations,girlie hangouts, peptalk with my bffs,canvassing,scavenger make up hunts etc. so yey! off I went & bought some things at the Elianto store at Mall of Asia (a.k.a MOA) at the Philippines besides make up,they also got some lovely nail polish and other beauty products there I've also discovered the wonders and magic of BB Cream! *mana from heaven* I don't have the picture of the store since this was a long time ago but it somewhat looks like this (I'm not really sure if it's this branch but anyway)

Oh here's BB! ^_~

Though I kinda hesitated at first and totally not sure what and which is which the sales lady convinced me surely enough she's really good explained all this sorts of stuff,pros and cons,etc the use of BB creams before is not that commercialize and not even popularly used at my hometown but the sales went sky high especially at Korea these products I think are really good at asian skin.I read quite a lot of reviews,all sorts of articles everything it's just so freakin amazing I don't breakout using these products which is good plus it has this lavender scent on it it's really nice and the application is very light and natural.Im really fascinated inside the store the lighting and highlighting of certain products are really great! I also like this baked and embossed eyeshadows 

What can I say I'm a fan :)) that's where I mostly discover some make up goody stuff because the other store are way too costly/expensive and now they got a lot of awesome things going on to bad there's no US franchise yet...or is it? and I think most BB creams are sold mainly over Asia ugh what a bummer but I saw some online goodies plus some real stores ugh but they are way over california oh men! here's my stash at the moment

It took me quite a while to research and know what kind/type of products I need and would be using I mainly go for the sensitive skin indication option.I bought those because me, my cousins and Godma talked about it in our group under the mango tree it was like you know nonchalant talking about random stuff,make up,girly things,tutorials and such way back spring or summer I think and I just posted it just now ;)) so anyway here are some of my favorite youtubers (or whatever they call it these days) which my Godma told us about and I'm now sharing to all of you enjoy and don't forget to subscribe to them! ^_~

Colorismyweapon (Noe Mae)

Do you have any favorite make up?or make up brand? what is it and why?
Oh and do you also watch any youtube tutorials/know-how?
share away ^_~

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  1. WTG Kimla~ I miss chatting with you, Dona and Kandidae~ Catch u sometime soon! <3