Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rocksmith guitar video game

OMG! I want this so bad to be honest I suck  not really good at playing any musical instrument ok I tried/used to play the piano when I was a kid (some lessons,in which I could get really sweet/grumpy at times :))),jam sessions with some band during our town's fiesta(feast),drums and some test during high school (no choice it's on the curriculum lol :)) my cousins taught me some stuff about the clarinet & other instruments they played in their band (their musically gifted) but wind instruments and a bunch of stuff I guess wasn't really my thing oh and the flute! yes I bought one before coz I thought we're gonna used it at school but not! & my friend since elementary got one so I also thought we could play together we'll teach each other and all that yes...indeed I thought about a lot of through the course of time I quite and kinda forgot to play these instruments even though I mastered a piece I doubt I could play it again as of today so yup some story huh?

anyway, I saw this tv ad. long ago but today I just decided to type it all in here and I'm an avid gamer myself this game looks really cool I really hope they could seal some deal with a game bundle of guitar on it so that would be more awesome! I really like to learn how to play the guitar I only know one cord "A" I composed lots of songs with just one cord really funny actually "A" started when I was in highschool a teammate of mine taught me that during break I think from practice then it came back to me during college one thesis night at my friend's house my mind is so not working drifting from somewhere so I took a little break I'm an all nighter no sleep just food and computer trying to figure what and how to finish our thesis but of course we're a team I can't sleep either way so I grabbed the guitar my other chum we jammed and played strum some cords I forgot what we're singing but I think it's some sort of disease and made up lines it was really fun kinda wake me up a bit,went swimming,broke the faucet (since it's kinda loose and old anyway),slept for a bit,ate breakfast,a great way to take the load off and my mind off things (end of flashback) hahaha :)))

At the moment the game I think is still by pre-order?or so it cost about $80 but if they could seal it up with a bundle deal they say it would cost up to $200 not bad I think..I'd love that coz looking for a good guitar is quite a hassle but in other case would be good looking for a nice piece might as well enlighten myself with some guitar lessons/challenge and other guitar stuff the console plus all sorts of accessories however still all in all it's a lot of money but hopefully I could get my hand on all of these (insert other blab) XD

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