Saturday, November 26, 2011

Brightest by Johann de Venecia and Joanne Crisner

Source: PublisherIsshin Dream Publishing
Category: Children's book
Format: PDF
Page count: 48
Tentative Release date: December 2011
Language: English
About the book:
A story about a lost firefly catcher, trying to find his way home, and a broken firefly that had long lost himself. And how friendship and being there for each other made a difference in their lives.(more)

Note: I'd like to thank the following Isshin Dream Publishing, for letting me read and review their work,thank you so much Jho for this very lovely opportunity it's truly an honor I'm really glad to know you and many thanks indeed for introducing me to lots of magnificent people ^_^

My Review: 4.5 stars
Simple,cute and heartwarming quick read.Readers of all ages would enjoy reading this story picture book.The title definitely suits the story,the frame which surrounds the title is elegantly drawn,the font and size of the letters are easy in the eyes I like the illustrations the mushroom field setting in which I thought about Alice in Wonderland  is quite magical  I immediately dive in to that world and BY JOVE! that's the biggest firefly I ever saw O_O I mean like humongous! :O

The outline of the story is very relateable which is being lost that I believe most of us experience in life and sometimes finding a way out is no easy task.The moral lesson is pretty much laid out in a very straightforward in your face matter of fact manner whether you're down,lost/troubled try to smile,be optimistic and look at the bright side of things.A smile from you might find its way to others and ignite something within I enjoyed reading this book up to the last page though there's something quite lacking, a bit short and I'd like to explore more of the fantasy world and let the characters build and develop even more but all is well quite an ending.I kinda miss reading this sort of books these things and kids always reminds me the simple joys in life that I often forgot along the way sad but true.Anyway, don't forget to Follow Brightest at Facebook, along with Isshin Dream Publishing learn more about them through their WebsiteTwitterYoutubeFacebook and Goodreads Account ^_^ you can also purchase a copy from Kcat Yarza.

My thoughts about the book trailer:
The song reminds me of this television show my brother and I used watch growing up "Hiraya manawari' (though the opening theme is different from this one but this got some sort of effect in me) it's very fascinating,there are different story being showcased every episode and it's full of moral lessons.I think it's really nice to let kids watch those kind of shows in which I think is running short these days that will teach kids good manners and right conduct.This also brought back some of my gamer days the song is really quite nostalgic I love it! I think it's the perfect choice as a background music,the transition of the slides,the way the book is presented is very nice and pleasing a great way to spread the hype.

I'd like to thank everybody behind this fantastic book good job guys! keep it up I can't wait to read more of your brilliant masterpiece.


  1. thank you so much for the wonderful review Kim! Truly happy that you enjoyed the book :) I was actually thinking if we can make Brightest a series of some sort...haha, bahala na! Anyway, thank you again! I'm really, really happy! :)

  2. You're welcome and OMG! a series wow that's awesome keep me posted :))

  3. Hahaha! Hopefully mangyari nga! :) we'll of course, keep you posted! take care always! :D