Saturday, November 12, 2011

Television shows

I rarely watch television but when I do just like my movie obsessions it's going to be a marathon :))) I browse a lot of channels in which some of my family members would say "Oh common you're making me dizzy!" or like "just stick to one channel!" yup that's my routine but since over here once it hits commercial all channels are in commercial it's like one of those WTF MOMENTS! and if you have a satellite connection type of cable and it's raining heavily your television is not really picking up any signal and you get this expression seriously?  such frustration lol :)) so I tried to keep track of almost everything since there's a lot of channels I'm not familiar with all of them :)) at first I'm kinda confuse about the timezone since my bodyclock is all whacked then they'll start saying watch this 8/7c and I'm like huh? O_O but now I know what it means ugh silly me ;) anyway I really dunno what's the fuss are all about with these shows these days so I tried to check them out one by one watch and see them for myself and experience such hype some of my friends been talking about.Oh and I also saw this video of MaxieMagyx and so sometimes I'm like I dunno what to do..oh vampires lol :)) watch this so you could relate ^_^

The contest she talked about is over but try to watch her other videos or even subscribe to her I think she's really funny and jolly I like her voice very soft,cute and sweet some of her vlogs are what most of us used to do everyday in life random stuff post so yeah I dunno what to do so I dunno vampires anyone? lol :)) and that's why :

Currently watching: 
I just started watching this yup and I'm way behind ugh season 1 lol :)) I think this show is running for season 3 now wow! it's really nice I like the characters most of them are very smart and sexy though there are irritating ones like Vicky who never seems to die,survived multiple attacks who what Jeremy said made choices that she knows are wrong but still made them's just sad! and now she's dead x_X (yup that's one example) I like this show so far all the rich family history,events that goes back to 1864,flashbacks,the twist and plot,vampires abilities,humor...the casts portrayed it well more power to this show I wonder what will happen next ^_^ plus I like how my friends update me with all these so fun and exciting!

I saw this on a friend's site & book pile so I'm like ok might as well check it out might be good and I must say there's a lot of things going on with this show so many complications,dilemmas in the storyline all these characters,emotions,those times and moments they're still learning,trying to figure things out,family secrets,witchcraft etc. they're still very young and their journey is just beginning things are starting to unfold one by one and sometimes I'm like why can't the elders/any adult just tell them what's happening! (but I guess that's part of the hype,or that's what the script and director told them to do or there's this kind of inflicted fear and stigma going on ugh -_- ) though it certainly feels like the craft (movie) to me in which I think on episode 3 Faye once said it lol :)) but this one is broken into series though the setting & characters are much younger but still highschool type plus the opening got this kinda creepy tune to it.

This reminds me of catch me if you can so yeah just because of that I watch this show though I haven't move through one after the other episode yet.

OMG! I'm totally rooting for this one I love this show! the modern fairtytale twist and all that plus the characters are so amazing I'm so into this! ^_^

Stuck up
Totally stuck in season 2 dunno why I guess I'm feeling a bit off with the characters and Jenny's turning into somewhat a rebel..yes I'm struggling to finish all these.The fashion,drama,loveteam & hype like OMG! really?

haven't budge to season 5 why oh why?!but I still love you House

I haven't seen this show for years..I guess I only started watching this at studio 23 before when I'm a bit younger with my older brother but then there's this sort of complications with Prue in real life she got arrested  for driving under the influence or something like that then she got to quit the show coz of that or so I think then there's this new girl..just a lot of stuff since so I tried to get updates with my friends about it..I'm good with that lol :))

So there you have it folks!I've always wanted to make a post about these shows one entry at a time but then I just thought about making it into a long single post so yeah that's that!and Oh there's lots more I haven't started yet but oh well maybe one of these days ;) now, do you have any show recommendations?anything good lately?please type it below the comment box thanks I'll try to watch them ASAP ^_~

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