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The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

Category: Young adult,Fiction,Coming of Age
Format: ebook,paperback
Page Count: 232
Published: February 2nd 2009 by Pocket Books (first published February 1st 1999)
ISBN: 1847394078 (ISBN13: 9781847394071)
Language: English
About the book: 
What is most notable about this funny, touching, memorable first novel from Stephen Chbosky is the resounding accuracy with which the author captures the voice of a boy teetering on the brink of adulthood. Charlie is a freshman. And while's he's not the biggest geek in the school, he is by no means popular. He's a wallflower--shy and introspective, and intelligent beyond his years, if not very savvy in the social arts. We learn about Charlie through the letters he writes to someone of undisclosed name, age and gender; a stylistic technique that adds to the heart-wrenching earnestness saturating this teen's story. Charlie encounters the same struggles many face in high school--how to make friends, the intensity of a crush, family tensions, a first relationship, exploring sexuality, experimenting with drugs--but he must also deal with the devastating fact of his best friend's recent suicide. Charlie's letters take on the intimate feel of a journal as he shares his day-to-day thoughts and feelings (more)

My Review: 5 stars
A very good friend of mine recommended me this book she kept on saying she's a wallflower and all that when I told her she's not she might be quite shy yes that's noted but I know deep inside she's more than what she seems or appear to be and that indeed I believe and hold is true!there's a lot of stir and commotion about this book though it's been published long time ago it's just now that it has risen up once again and I saw it listed on the banned/challenged book wow! just look at all these hype lol :))) I received a copy of this very lovely book through Redstarpixie also a very good friend of mine (as seen on my previous posts)if not for her I dunno if I'd have read this one so thank you thank you very much ^_^ Before reading this my thoughts about a wallflower or what people call/"label" as a wallflower is someone who's always on the sidelines especially during occasions/dances they're the ones who are asked last or in the corner,the shy ones,the loner and so on.After reading this story now I know why and I understood what they're all saying now my horizon and perspective broaden I'm truly enlightened with this one of a kind storytelling.

and so I say that Within us or at least a part of us is a wallflower.

The Innocence of this story,Charlie's life journey,his letters,mixed tapes,recommendations I won't forget I saw a bit of myself in him (minus some of the vices ;))all the cast they're really that realistic to me the "participation" yes I did(check) it's quite funny how I could totally relate with all this there's a lot of things going on in a certain amount of time I'm impressed how he handled all those truly a coming of age a must share story.I understood and knows what it feels like to be infinite Oh good times!The story touched sensitive,serious topics into which all the more people should be open and discuss about! free your mind and read this awesome book! Thank you so much Mr. Stephen Chbosky ^_^

Looking back at my journals public & private ones it's pretty much like my perks in life I'd like to continue on my writing might be a good reference someday especially when my memory fails me lol :)) plus my entries will outlive me anyway so there you go! lol :))) I'm looking forward to the upcoming movie and hopefully they'll do some justice with this wonderful story ^_~

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