Sunday, November 13, 2011


I love fairytales it's a big part of my childhood especially Disney I'm sure you could understand why anyway,there's a big fuss over the internet that's been going on for a very long time, coming back and forth from now and then about all these princess flicks rebellious moral lessons etc and to be honest for me I never thought of them as bad examples as a kid growing up unlike some adults that claim it to be rebellious and such I simply adore them because of the plot,magical world,all these fantasies I just get lost and absorb all of it but beyond those thoughts I think I know as a kid growing up who are my role models are ^_^

Random fact time: I used to watched Aladdin and Beauty and the beast over and over to the point I memorized all the lines (yeah I tend to do that) I kinda remember getting mad at my brother spoiling and spilling all these details before I get to watch it (oh you know kids ;))) *shrug* so anyway, I thought Disney was the original one but nah...not really there's a whole lot more than that so please let me enlighten you not unless you already know it but please enjoy this vlog(video blog) by one of my favorite authors Jackson Pearce 

check out her websites,watch / subscribe to her amazing and funny videos, follow her on twitter   and tumblr,like her facebook fan page plus of course don't forget to purchase her books As you wish,Sisters Red and Sweetly ^_~


  1. Saw Sisters Red at my public library's showcase.
    Glad her books are getting notice. Great story Kim.
    I love Aladdin myself:)

  2. Thanks and that's so great! I like her works I love fairytale storytelling with a modern twist :))