Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Relations that Suck: The Story of Eva and Dries by Marilyn Yu

Category: Fiction,Paranormal
Format: Hardcover
Page Count: 52
Published: August 2009 by Art & Lenny
ISBN:0615254713 (ISBN13: 9780615254715)
Language: English
About the book:
Relations that Suck: The Story of Eva and Dries is a fable about friendship and destiny. Eva is a creative vampire who likes people and Dries is a traveling spider; their story portrays denial and guilt.(more)

My Review:  3 Stars
I like the book cover it has this very dark set into it as if she's planning something evil that just kinda pulls and attracts you over...very beautiful and I love the overall presentation of this picture story book,the photographs are very well executed,modern,innovative,high end fashion I enjoyed reading and browsing each piece.A very short fun read and it's really nice to see all these overflowing creativity and incorporation of art,fashion and literature at the same time but story wise not so much I understand the concept and all that but there are some details that are quite vague and lacking when it comes to character building and development as far as the story goes though I think Dries is really sweet and thoughtful.Eva's beautiful,tried her best to be human enough,blend in the crowd inspite being a vampire.A very peculiar bond is formed between the two.I don't like the ending though the gesture was quite peaceful and sweet.Readers of all ages will enjoy and learn some things from their tale.

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