Sunday, November 27, 2011

Exciting Post Day! (EPD)

I totally just made that title up pwahaha! I can't help it >.< perhaps make a meme button to make it more legit nyaha! XD these are some of the books I'm hoping and looking forward to read  The Poison Diaries & The Incorrigible children of Ashton Place Book I,II & III (all of it) by Maryrose Wood.I think her books are really interesting and fascinating. Visit her site to learn more and follow her elsewhere ^_^ Oh and checkout the Harpercollins site as well ^_~

Watch this awesome book trailer!
lovely voice aye?

I think this book trailer is really fun


  1. Haven't known much of these books before but love the covers.
    What exactly are they about?

  2. yeah me too I just saw it browsing around :)) The Poison Diaries like some sort YA,with blooming romance plus the boy kinda like talk/understand the plants & you could learn about different types of poisonous plants while the Aston place I think is for middle grade but I like it looks really fun ^_^ check out Goodreads or her website(highlighted portion of the text above) for more detailed blurb