Friday, November 18, 2011

Book Trailers

I discovered a whole new different world and learned a lot of awesome things since I started blogging in which I thought I would never do in this case took my Godmother (MissGennD) a lot of persuasion for us to start one and the ideas just took off I just basically went out there ,searched and made some codes,looked for layouts/wallpapers,visited a couple of blog started following others that leads one after another(end of reminisce flashback stories :))) and so yes okay BOOK TRAILERS  I forgot what's the first book trailer I watched I'm not really sure but since my blog is mostly about books I mean like yeah seriously? yup ^_^  and I'm really like ugh yeah makes sense since there's movie trailers why not  books right?some are fun, some boring,some that lived up to its hype but what I really like about them besides  marketing,showcasing,advertising the books is the narrator's/spokesperson's golden voice it's just so amazing! that's one selling point right there the wow factor :O and I'd like my voice to sound that great :)) anyway take a load of this ^_~

Don't you just love it? and hey don't forget to grab a copy of these wonderful books  ^_^v
Do you still remember the first book trailer you watched?What's your favorite book trailer?anything you'd like to share comment away ^_~

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