Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hooray!it's finally here woohoo! for starters to be honest I'm really very grateful every single day of my existence for a lot of reasons,things and people in my life like my family,friends (new and old buddies) for all your neverending patience, support etc.Thank you so much guys you're all awesome! well  I went through a lot of ups and downs this year for that I learned a lot without those I wouldn't know any better and be the person I am today thank you so much for everything words can't even suffice ;) I'm also excited for later on we'll go to our family friend's house we'll all dine in together enjoy,devour some good old fashioned homemade foods ok now I'm getting hungry pwahaha! and OMG! don't even let me get started about BLACK FRIDAY (details will be spilled in my next post) XD

Oh and to learn more about thanksgiving click here so what are you guys thankful for?what are you up to?what did you eat?type anything and Happy Thanksgiving everyone \\_//\\_// Cheers! ^_^

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