Sunday, November 6, 2011

Daylight Saving Time!

Yey! I'm so excited and I'm actually looking forward to it every single year \\_//\\_// cheers to that!  winding,rewinding,adjusting,replacing batteries etc I hope that you guys already set back your clock an hour before going to bed (hmmm...sounds like a plan) :))

Thank you so much Benjamin Franklin! read all about his excerpts and commentary on the essay in Journal de Paris, on April 26, 1784 here .Random story time: when I was in high school especially whenever I'm late I always wish for daylight saving nyaha so crazy I know my elders and other folks told me they actually did adjusted clocks before but it's just that it's not working out for my hometown (Philippines)  and now with this article as I read it here since it's near the equator it's all quite balance and all that so there's no point adjusting.But now since I'm here in the land of the free home of the brave pwahaha! I'm so happy about daylight saving time the bummer and downside of it I guess is whenever we have to adjust again anyway all is well enjoy! and happy sunday! ^_~


  1. Hi Kim long time no see.
    I love savings time. Was reading an article that mentioned its good for our natural body clocks to get sleep. So great its back.
    Happy Sunday!

  2. Kumusta, kimyunalesca! I love finding fellow Filipino bloggers :) Happy Extra One Hour More for Reading Day!

    New follower~

    Stephanie ~Misfit Salon~

  3. Thank you so much for dropping by ladies ^_^

    @Cassandra-yes it's been awhile I'm glad you stopped by indeed I love to sleep lol :))

    @StephanieD-ayos lang ikaw?I'm happy to have you around apir! ^_~

  4. Hi Kim thanks for shout out.
    Have seen Once Upon A Time on ABC Kim. Can't wait for 8pm today. Such a cute fairytale realistic retelling!

    I'm actually going to blog about the show's pilot soon.