Friday, July 1, 2011

Hands Of God Mind Of A Demon by MaryAnn Porschen

Genre: Fiction,Romance,Fantasy, Christian
Format: Paperback,Hardbound
Page Count: 304 pages
Publisher: Tate Publishing (May 3, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1617396419
ISBN-13: 978-1617396410
Product Dimensions: 8.7 x 5.9 x 0.7 inches
Weight: 8.8 ounces
About the book:
Eva Maloney is quite ordinary studying to be a doctor and volunteering at the local hospital leaves little room for the unexpected.Just as everything seems to be falling into place, the unexpected finds her. Eva is thrust into a world of hatred, lies an murder. her innocence is on the line, amd her heart has been stolen. Although dangerous, her life has become extraordinary.When two extremely different worlds collide, will good or evil prevail? Joshua Alexander is a miracle. The hospital is clueless as to how he recovered so quickly, but he is convinced that Eva has something to do with it. Eva insists she's done nothing. He confronts Eva about her own powers-powers she is not aware of-ready to acknowledge.While Joshua needs more information from her, he feels an undeniable closeness to her Is it love,lust...or something else?Demons don't fall in love with humans,they destroy them. It is already too late when Eva realizes what Joshua is hiding. Do demons really exist among us? Does God still use ordinary people to do extraordinary things? 

Join author MaryAnn Porschen in a fast paced novel filled with love, murder, God and demons. (more)

My Review: 5 star for Awesome!
It’s my first time to read a book filled with Fiction,Romance,Fantasy and Christianity I love the overall concept & layout of the book,to it's hardbound glossy,sheek,very modern cover, the publishing company's philosophy,about keeping & making your faith stronger,the power of prayer and love that concurs all,True love waits & of course the author herself.Even though it's fiction I do learned a lot from it. It’s fascinating how I could easily relate to the characters..I actually know a couple of people like them in real life (but of course nothing supernatural) It's Amazingly Brilliant! I can’t wait for book two! This is one of the fastest book I’ve ever read I just can’t put it down. People nowadays should read more books like this it’s such a fantastic four genre combination. 

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