Saturday, July 16, 2011

Coconut Moments

Waking up in Paradise..Rise and Shine!

In my point of view
Is a Coconut-nut a giant nut?

tribute to the novel The Talking Palm by Esther Jno-Charles I put up some of my coconut moments which are often undocumented but I'm lucky enough to find some in my photo archives this was all taken way back summer 2009 at Laiya,Batangas,Phillippines. I dunno why I kept on biting that small prematured coconut that fell on the ground (but I cleaned it all up of course) I just find it cute and I wondered that time if ever that would grow into a tree if I planted it but of course the answer is No! because it's too young and the only one that sprouts to survive are the old/mature fruit that's left behind. The Coconut tree is the most flexible tree of all time why? because all it's parts never goes to waste from roots to its trunk,leaves and fruits you name it! The Philippines got all sorts of coconut products which are made and carefully hand crafted which I truly-really miss so much! being on the other side of the hemisphere there's only limited coconut goodies available where I'm at now so whenever I've encountered any coconut related treats I immediately grab it haha! I'm just kidding but I sure do love coconuts especially the fresh juice that you'll drink on one hot summer day by the beach with a straw and small umbrella on top of it oh isn't that just nice? I'll definitely go back to my hometown and hungry for more foodams! see you soon my beloved Pilipinas! :)
Hanggang sa Muli nating pagkikita


  1. Kim,
    Your #coconutmoments are delightful. I love those pictures. They all remind me of #Dominica. Ah. Those beautiful #palmtrees and inviting #beaches and tranquil #sea! Such good stuff.
    That #coconutbite was funny but #spontaneously fun. I like #spontaneity.
    Anytime I see #coconut or #coconutproducts, I pause and look at them and remember. I simply cannot pass by #anything #coconut and ignore it. It holds too many memories for me, both joyful and sad, but mainly food joyful. So I understand your immediate attraction to that #palmfruit.
    My daughter, who left #Dominica when she was three, and is in her early twenties, has similar reactions to the #coconut as well.
    Ah! #Palmparadise!
    A #coconutpalm thank you.
    Esther Jno-Charles
    The Talking Palm novel

  2. hahaha! Thank you for dropping by I super love these moments as well I'm really happy that I captured it on my camera & with my files intact.Oh such joy ^_^