Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Depression and Mid Life Crisis

I'm in that certain age or bracket to simply put where people are in crisis all their life (like identity crisis and such) that is nowhere near solve and people who are dragging other people in their own life crisis/mid crisis.

It's becoming more of a trend   NOT the coolest one that ever surfaced but people should definitely NOT follow! the mortality rate is rising up fast. We all need to act!

They say "People who are rarely alone are in fact the most loneliest and depress people " I believe in that simply because due to unexpected turn of life events and odd occurrences some people are used to be in a crowd/structure and when left alone by themselves more likely they don't know what to do next. It's all in state the mind it's hard at first but always remember that you'll get by,it will all pass, stay positive and that God will never give you obstacles you can't hurdle.

So what should you do?in case your face with such...

-Even when you don't need anything pray,if you don't know how to pray just talk to him as if your talking to a friend,family member etc.Lift all your fears,anxiety,doubt,everything to God he's always there watching,listening,loving us unconditionally,forgiving us for all our sins.He always dreams a better dream for us.Believe! have faith!

Call for Help
-Talk to somebody,anybody,dial 911 or if you suspect a friend/love one whom you think is  having some suicidal idealition/issues/problem call them stall for some time while contacting the suicide hotline.

Be there for somebody
-People are always like "I'm always here when you need me" when in fact they are mostly not there when you need them. So if ever you've been through that certain situation in your life where you don't know what to do you might / you needed somebody but they weren't there and you see a pal of yours going thru the same problem you did be an awesome friend go ahead and ask them How there day was or even if they don't appeared troubled at all a simple question like that a mere presence that you're there is highly appreciated.

Support Group
-A good strong support group like your family/friends/community/church/special groups are available everywhere.
-Surround yourself with positive people that will make you better and lift you up.
-Be gutsy enough to step out and say/admit to yourself you have a problem and talk about it to others you'll be shock at the results. You might always thought you're the one but really you're not! SO SPEAK NOW!

Emotional Management
-Know where and when to vent your emotions whether you're angry, feeling good/bad/happy/sad it's all perfectly normal to feel all these emotions we're human afterall.
-Journal or Blogs are great way to Divert yourself to keep you preoccupied plus jot down all the crazy things that's been going through inside your head.

Keep moving forward
-No go backs! follow your dreams and do things that makes you happy!know your aspirations,note that things you would like to accomplish now or somewhere in the near future.Write a letter to yourself,save it and open it in time when you need some reminding,scratch out the things you've already done.It's really nice you'll find yourself laughing whenever you see your old handwriting thinking what the hell you're thinking way back then when you wrote that.

I hope you find these tips useful if you got anything more to add/react/share comment away ^_^


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