Saturday, July 16, 2011

Question and Answer Portion

And now to answer the questions from the Talking Palm (page 249-250)

1.    1.   What was one of your favorite childhood food? like sheryl’s does it have any story to tell?
Carrot. Yes! a lot of memories and stories to tell ^_^

2.     2.  Have you had an experience in which someone used one of your favorite foods or things to try to take advantage of you?how did you deal with that situation?
Yes, but mine’s completely different from sheryl’s it’s just a friendly wager I took the deal, won,sad to say I didn’t get my price :(

3.     3.  Have you or someone you know felt left out or unable to fit into a peer group because of something over which you have no control,just as Sheryl felt because of her height?
Yes and I’m really happy that she found some of her true friends for that matter.

4.    4.   Which of the stories in the The Talking Palm interests you most?why?
All of it really because I can totally relate to each story, I saw a piece of Sheryl in me and everyone I know.

5.       5.Which of Sheryl’s characteristics do you admire most , the least?why?
I admire her patience, values & that she’s very family oriented.For the least I’d have to say her low self esteem(even though she’s very beautiful and smart) she can’t stand up and speak for herself most of the time she tend to put on hold on things that would make her happy for the sake of everyone else( a martyr).

6.    6.   Is there a scene in which you disagree with the way in which Sheryl responds?why?
Yes, During the ceremony because her actions and words from the outside contradicts on what she actually feel and thought inside.

7.     7.  How do you think Sheryl should have responded?how would you have responded?why?
She should have said no! (this quite irritates me)I would have said no I’ll swallow my pride take on the shame because if I said yes I’m only kidding myself.

8.    8.   Do you identify with any of Sheryl’s experiences?how?
Yes, for  I saw and experienced the best and the worst of the worst of all things possible and you wouldn’t even believe that might actually even happen. So for all the people who thinks that they’re not lucky or having a bad day blah blah blah just think somewhere right now there’s someone starving/dying/can’t even afford anything/wish that they are you right now. So Cherish and be thankful of what you have.

9.      In what ways has Sheryl’s experiences helped you or someone you know?
Sheryl made an astounding impact in my life she made me feel I’m not alone that it’s happens. She’s  truly  a very remarkable and phenomenal woman inspite of all her hardships she made it all the way through I’m truly touched,inspired and moved by her story.

10.  10. The myth about “the skerrit” influences Sheryl’s sense of self and her perception of how she deserves to be treated by her society in a profound way. Are there any cultural community or family myths that have influenced your sense of self in any way?
Yes and a lot of it especially folklores they’re all very real to me those stories still haunts me. O_O

11. 11.  How do you feel for little Sheryl in that scene? Like Sheryl,have you ever had a “skerrit” moment did you resolve it or was it still burned within you “until the palm fruit started talking?”
Oh I got a lot of Skerrit moments the first one took me by surprise I didn’t quite fight back because I will seriously be in a whole lot more trouble so I chose to be silent instead. The Second and as the list goes on I finally speak up for myself, stood up for what I believe is right and point out all their wrong doings,told them to leave my family out of this I'm speaking out for myself! that took all my guts along with my other internal organs to do all that. I just laughed all about it now that's really a good learning experience lol :))

That concludes this portion I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed typing all of it and  if you have any queries please comment/share your opinion below I'd try my best to answer all of them ^_^


  1. Kim,
    I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated your frank and energetic comments. Your response to the questions in my book just showed me how to use that section of my book. Thank you.
    I am so glad you were one of the winners of my book #TheTalkingPalm!
    Your powerful energy and zest for life show. I have a very sure sense that I will be hearing amazingly mighty things about you in the near future.
    Do you mind if I share your wonderful post with the world?
    A #coconutpalm thanks to you.
    Esther Jno-Charles
    The Talking Palm novel

  2. Thank you and You're welcome ^_^
    I'm really glad when I saw your comment
    Oh yes hopefully in the future ;)
    feel free to share and do so I don't mind at all
    I'm looking forward on reading more of your work/s Take care! :)