Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 18 - A picture of your biggest insecurity.

Yes it's one of those things hahaha! Screw it! When I was in Highschool I joined the Taekwondo Varsity team due to the following reasons (I think) :)))

1.To be fit,more exercise
2.Extracurricular activity
3.Maximize my Tuition fee
4.Could be fun and worthwhile
5. Explore something new

The prestige comes along with it so..I don't really care much about it but sure feels good once in a while :)) I know I need to control my weight I don't want to be obese I want to stay active just keep moving ya know it somewhat became of what you call "insecurity" when I need to join certain competitions with weight limits on them some don't care/mind much but those certain times it's such a bummer not been able to play your favourite sport but it's all good though I'm glad just being healthy now coz whenever I remember my sick days ugh I just want to stay out of it..who wouldn't right?

I never thought I could be like this whenever I looked back where people think or say  it's such a norm to be thin or whatever I was like "Oh c'mon now people! cut some slack! way back the old days fat people are the rich ones and everybody wants to screw and be part of it" but now it seems society's been brainwash with all these commercialize crap like weight loss pills,models,magazines,tv,quick and easy way out shitnits seriously like Jullian(famous trainer) says " there's no easy way out just keep your butt moving!" Some research study show there are people with a fat gene on them but that's no reason to stay out and being healthy as long as you eat right,exercise regularly and keep everything in check then you're good to go! screw them people who says you should be this and that as long as you're happy that's all that matters.To be honest I don't really know what my other insecurities are I don't even know how to label things..absolutely just what Snape says :))
thinking just now..maybe it's one of that, beautiful people and things I can't have that's naturally it isn't? but I'm thankful for who I am now for being entirely different and unique that's what brings us to this world..we all got something different to offer no matter what our insecurities are we are who we are it's good attitude and behavior that counts make our insecurities fade in the background and just live our life to the fullest.Heck we can do everything we like.Make your own insecurity a goal or whatever just don't let it pull you down because what we're all heading is up! and completely forward! no go backs! :D

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